Friday, August 6, 2010

In which there is suprisingly little knitting...

I haven't posted in a while, again. I think part of the problem is that I hate taking photos because I feel like they never give what I want to capture justice. The other part is that no one reads this... I set out without any real intention to find readers for this blog- but I did want my boyfriend to at least read it. I know he hasn't been wihch is really... I don't know. Saddening. I'll call him when I'm done with a post and he won't really show any interest. But this blog is for me, for my cataloging of my creative endeavors, not to force Monkey to read my ravings abotu knitting.

I've entitled this post "In which there is surprisingly little knitting..." because, well, there won't be. While I have been knitting pretty extensively, I don't really want to talk about it right now. What I do want to talk about is something I'm absolutely in love with.

I've been journaling regularly for the past four or five years... I've always had an interest in journals, however. I found a notebook I had when I was four or five and in it is my misspelled whining about wanting a doll and pretending to be Harriet the spy.Since then, my journaling has progressed to me whining about wanting yarn and writing to do lists that will not be finished.

I recently found an entry on jr___nal in which the person included a thirty day challenge. The challenge has 30 prompts for you to illustrate throughout the course of a month. I can't find the origin of this challenge, but I have found several other thirty day drawing challenges. I've stuck with this one for now,a nd will be pursuing other challenges after this month has passed.

I am absolutely loving this. I haven't drawn in... forever. In highschool, I took a slew of art classes which culminated in me having to decide if I wanted to go to an art college or if I hated art. I decided to abandon the dream of art school and go towards a more practical career because my art classes had made me hate art. I hated feeling so much pressure, I hated the people who were always in my classes. All joy I found in art had been sucked out by these classes. I put away my "fancy" art supplies and turned towards crayola when I wanted to put some color in m journal- which was rare. This last year at OU, I've started to miss drawing. I wound up splurging on drawing silly animals and taping them all over my boyfriend's door. It was incredibly... freeing. I started to include more cutesy animals and inanimate objects in my journal. However, I still limited myself to the art supplies that I'd had since I was in kindgergarden. I refrained from pulling anything out that might be construed as being for "serious" art.

This prompt has encouraged me to pull out my prismacolor markers. They have never been my favorite medium (in fact, I only detested paint more), but I'm finding a new love for them in this project. I'm playing with them and determining how I want to use them, how I want to get the looks I want with them. Drawing is FUN again. I'm just in love.



Knitting Mama said... Reply to comment

Just a quick comment to let you know that you do have readers :) I'm a SAHM, and love the opportunity to peek in on others lives :) (I've followed your blog)

I love the illustration btw, you have skill!

lizzlizzlizz said... Reply to comment

Thank you so much! I'm really flattered :)