Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Updates, Pt. 2.

And I'm continuing with the knitting updates. I've knit quite a bit since my camera battery died. I still don't have photos for most of it, but I do have a few from Monkey and my photo shoot. I think this weekend I'll drag him back to the south oval to take some more pictures.

Right now I'm stalling on writing a few papers for my classes. I have had my school mojo this week. I think it's because last week was incredibly stressful and my weekend wasn't long enough to properly unwind from it. I'm still in the weekend mode. Unfortunately, my classes are not appreciative of this fact.


Anyways. Onto the knitting! First up is a Hello Kitty hat I made for my friend Wonju. I held two strands of a Peaches & Cream yarn together and knit like the wind. It actually wound up being pretty short.


This is the Marian cowl. Very easy, very quick to knit. Oh my gosh I adore it. However, I twisted the cowl twice. I still love it though, but I'm not sure if I want to reknit it. Probably not.

Finally, here's just a photo of something that should happen by far more often :)


As for what I'm knitting now...

  • I finished the Cosy Neck Warmer. I might switch out the buttons and only use one

  • I started the daisy stitch portion of the Wild Vest.

  • I'm almost done with the first Frankenstein Mitten, but I'm trying to limit how much I knit on it so I get other projects done too

  • I knit a few repeats on my ripple blanket. I think I'm going to dedicate one day a week to it.

  • I'm an inch away from separating for the armholes of the Razor Cami (eek!)

That's all I've been doing n the past few days... Now I need to go write about how to use social media to better your pr position. Yuck.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

A few updates and photos

My camera is finally working! Except the charger is not the right charger. But it charged my camera (momentarily). This morning Monkey and I had a mini photo shoot in which I learned that he knows even less about taking photos than I do. The only way I could get him to listen to me (aka, to the words "stop taking photos of my face and take photos of the KNITTING" because he would take a photo of my face and crop out the scarf I'd be wearing...) so he will be researching photography skills for future reference.

Anyways, here's a few of the photos we took. This isn't even half of what I've been knitting since my camera has been MIA. We didn't even get through taking photos of everything (mostly because I was being a grumpasaurus). We'll have to return again.

First off, there was the market bag I knit in a fury a few weeks ago when the Monkey was camping with ROTC. It was such an easy, quick project. I finished it during a TV marathon. It doesn't hold as much as I thought it would, and I have to be careful as to what I put into it, but it still makes me happy. Especially since it used up a considerable chunk of the cone of peaches & cream yarn I've had forever. I still have a huge cone of the yarn left though...

knitted bag

Next up is the Irish Hiking Scarf. I know, I know, I've talked about this before, but I never posted a completed photo of it. I wanted to make it ridiculously long, but I wound up tiring of the project and binding off in a rage. I then made fringe which I absolutely love on the scarf, and was surprisingly easy to make.

irish hiking scarf

Finally, for today at least, I took a photo of my entrelac scarf. I'm not happy with any of the photos, they don't do the brightness of the scarf justice. I LOVE THIS SCARF. It's colorful, it's fun, it's adorable. I can't even believe how easy it was after I looked it up on the Internet. I'm surprised there are so many classes on how to knit entrelac- it was so self explanatory after doing this scarf. And I loved the practice in picking up stitches, which I've always had problems with. I'm sure it'll be helpful when I finally come up with the courage (and yarn) for a cardigan.

entrelac scarf



On a more depressing note, I can't find my favorite sunglasses. They are currently MIA and I suspect they are merely hiding somewhere around Monkey's room or car. I haven't put too much of an effort in finding them, I have to admit. I've been too busy slogging through my knitting. Speaking of which, what I'm slogging through now:

  • Cosy Neck warmer- I've finished it except for weaving in the ends and sewing on buttons.

  • Frankenstein's Herringbone Mittens which I have thus named because mine are dark grey and neon green and fabulous. I love them! And it's not a slog to knit them, but I'm trying to be good and finish my older UFOs before I attack these wholeheartedly. Can you tell it's killing me?

  • Razor CamiNo, THIS is what's killing me. I've had so many problems with this stupid project and I'm never going to finish them. Definitely frustrating. And slow! And it makes my hands hurt after a few rows. Ugh. It's been living in my backpack so I've been making slow progress.

  • Elefante I've knit a whole whopping foot of this elephant. It's been put on the back burner until I finish a few more things.

  • Besotted Scarf I've cast on twice for this project. Now that my size 8 needles are finally free, I'm going to rip it out and start over again on the 8s so I can use the sevens for another project. (Ahem Wild Vest ahem)

  • FINALLY, Ripple Throw I'm so ashamed I haven't finished this yet... Or worked on it in months. Ugh. I need to so badly. I think tomorrow I'm going to devote myself entirely to it while watching Halloween movies with Monkey and eating things I probably shouldn't. Like cookies. And sopapilla cheesecake. Yum.

And now I'm going to listen to a few more podcasts and knit furiously until Monkey gets home from doing his ROTC "volunteer" work.