Saturday, October 6, 2012

Return of the Root Beer Float

cupcake saturday

A few weeks ago was my sister's birthday. For months in advance, she requested Root Beer Float cupcakes. I wound up driving up on the Friday night of her party, and was immediately put to work! My mom had bought a cookie cake for Jen, but she was afraid it wasn't going to be enough.

I whipped into action! I arrived at my parents house approximately the time Jen's guests were supposed to arrive, so we had them play games so we could stall on their pizza dinner. I wound up using a doctored up vanilla cake mix for the base (double the eggs and milk instead of water),  and Jen's favorite frosting

Cupcake Liners

I wound up picking out these adorable cupcake liners- I loved them. So I made the frosting match!Root Beer Float Cupcakes

It didn't hurt that Jen's cake was pink, teal, and green! For once, everything matched.The cupcakes were pretty bland, and not as moist as I expected, which was disappointed. I've yet to find a quick yellow cake recipe that doesn't require cake flour. Nevertheless, the icing totally made these cupcakes, which was the point. That's all Jen was concerned with anyway!

Root Beer Float Cupcakes

So after flying through these cupcakes.... the kids at Jen's party didn't even eat them. Talk about stressing for nothing! That was okay, my parents were throwing a volleyball party the next day, so they *did* get eaten, just not early enough to warrant me running around like a crazy person whipping them up after a three hour drive.