Saturday, September 25, 2010

A very loney weekend

I'm trying to slog my way through a rather lonely weekend. Monkey is busy spending the weekend being tortured playing in the woods with ROTC and I'm left all alone. I've been trying to not be too mopey, but that's been hard. My roommate has had friends over all weekend and it's just really made me miss all of the people who aren't here with me right now.

What I HAVE been doing that isn't completely pathetic is knitting and watching TV. I just finished all three seasons of Kingdom on hulu. Fabulous. It does throw me through a loop because I feel like I'm missing episodes... There seems to be such a great time jump between episodes. While I've been watching that, I've also been knitting! I finished two little jack-o-lanterns for my mom and a Chinook for Monkey's sister.

Halloween has always been a huge deal in my family. My dad's birthday IS on Halloween, and mine is the day before. I think he's taken it to heart and we have a ridiculous amount of decorations. They come out around the first weekend in October and drive us batty until November 1st. We have the standard giant lit up pumpkins decorating the lawn, as well as a slew of giant inflatables and a garage full of life size (if not larger) ghouls that scare the living daylights out me. I studiously avoid our garage while they are up because I'm not going to lie. They are terrifying! I know it's silly. They're plastic. They're also creepy as all anything.

Some parts of my family quirk are pretty entertaining. We have two blue and gold macaws that love to scream and drive us and each other crazy. One thing we've found is that one of them, Koo Koo, is terrified of a certain mummy decoration. My mother gleefully kept the mummy standing in our kitchen corner until Christmas.

jack o lantern

So yes. There comes the pumpkins! They're smaller than I expected... I knit one with size 5 dpns and the other with size 8. I'll definitely have to make a few more before I go home, but I'm really growing tired of toys right now...

Which leads me to my other completed project on this pathetic weekend. A Chinook! Monkey's sister works as an aerospace engineer for the navy. She was the one kind enough to invite Monkey and I out on a vacation to her house, and to the family beach house and she was just plain wonderful. When Monkey gets back from his little adventure, we're going to pick up a birthday card and send them both off in the mail.


As for now... I'm going to go back to moping and watching something on hulu. My stomach is bothering me as well, so I'll probably just take it easy. The photos were taken using my webcam, by the way. No news yet on my camera charger :/