Monday, November 22, 2010

Tired, but with new goals!

Alright. It's official. I suck at posting. There have been so many days in which I've really wanted to, but I just didn't manage it. So from now on, one blog post per week, minimum. I think my day to post will probably wind up being on Sundays... We'll see.

Short post because I'm really tired.

I got to listen to Pioneer Woman speak at OU. She was fabulous. And her episode on Throwdown! with Bobby Flay was awesome too. She talked about a lot of general advice for blogs and I'm going to try to take them to heart.

Now, for knitting.

I don't even know

Not a lot of progress on my knitting. I've been slogging away on various projects...

  • I've been slogging away on my Circular Shrug. I decided I was going to use up some Caron Simply Soft I had in my stash... Mostly leftovers from mini-donuts. I've almost completely used up that ball of yarn, and I'm about to frog an unusable cowl I made a while ago... Then I'll probably have to pick up more yarn anyways.

  • I'm also working on my Besotted scarf. I started it to use up some hot pink simply soft (notice a trend?) in my stash. I wound up frogging the very first thing I ever knit (a garter stitch scarf) and using that yarn. It was still too short. I bought a new skein, realized it was a differnet color, and decided it wasn't noticible. Who cares. Anyways, this is taking FOREVER, but is deliciously autopilot knitting. I've been bringing the scarf to all of my classes to knit on. I pretty much knocked out a huge chunk by listening to Little Women on Craftlit.

    ...Speaking of which.

    I loved the Adult!Jo on Little Women. I want to read more love stories written like that was. It made me want to sigh over similar stories. It also made me watch Bridget Jones' Diary. I'm not entirely certain what the connection is, but there it is.



  • Finally, I knocked out some Cupcake Mittletts. Can I say CUTE? Since taking this photo I have woven in the ends and made it look nicer. You can see the lace better... I don't know why it looks so frumpy in that photo. Probably because it was 3AM when I took it, but that's beside the point.

    The pattern was so lovely, and so easy to understand. She had both charts AND it written out, which I really appreciated. My mom even said she wanted a pair- I was absolutely shocked!

    Cupcake Mittlets

  • And finally, (not because it's the last thing I've been working on but instead because I am way too tired to write this...) I've been tinking away at the Viking Purse. Yeah. Taking FOREVER. Beautiful, but FOREVER. I don't think I'll finish it before next year. Sigh.

    Viking Purse

Andddd on one last note, this is the very odd car (?) Monkey and I saw driving around. I don't even know.


I fully intend to take more photos tomorrow and make another post. I've got loads more to say, just no energy. Until then!