Sunday, November 14, 2010

My Current Obsession

I think it's official. I suck at taking photos and/or getting photos taken.

I keep telling myself that I need to wait until I have photos to actually post. And then I manage to not ever take photos. It's a conundrum to say the least. However, I am breaking out of that circle! I'm posting despite the fact that I haven't taken any photos in, oh, about a month.


Right now, I am absolutely obsessed with Pioneer Woman. OBSESSED. Someone linked to her website on a thread on Ravelry and I've been stalking all of the cooking posts religiously for the past two or three weeks, but mostly, this weekend. I think my "Food" folder in my bookmarks has grown exponentially. I've really got to start weeding through it and, oh, actually cooking the things in there.

But that's a topic for another day (actually, another paragraph). Right now I am busy singing the praises as all that is Pioneer Woman. I am in love. IN LOVE. I don't care that she focuses her cooking abilities to a primarily carnivorous family, I am in love with all of her recipes. I want to cook and bake and live in the middle of nowhere Oklahoma on a cattle ranch. I want to be this Pioneer Woman.

Okay, well, I'd just be content with her cooking abilities at this point. The whole ranch thing and middle of Oklahoma thing is a bit too far from my goals in life. Said goals including living in a nice house in the middle of a suburb no more than a 30 minute drive from my parents' house. Because I am nothing, if not a wannabe suburban housewife.

Some of my favorite posts of hers has been her Sherried Tomato Soup, which has sparked an interest in cooking with alcohol, her Yogurt Cream and Berries, which WILL be made within a week, mark my words, and finally, her Soul Sweet Taters. I have never had sweet potatoes, but my mouth is watering at the photographs. This also will be made as soon as possible. Monkey will be drowning in vegetarian Thanksgiving-ish foods before next Thursday, mark my words.

As if her sinfully delicious website wasn't enough, I'm thrilled to say she will be visiting the the University of Oklahoma next Wednesday. And I'm telling me, so help me god, I will be there salivating over her cooking abilities. She's supposedly speaking to journalism students regarding their careers and how she forged her own, but I know the truth. She is there to strike pure admiration into our hearts. And I will be there. I don't care that I'm an accounting major and really have no academic need to be present at this lecture, but I'm going to be there.

On another cooking note, I have at least tried a new recipe. The Woolie Ewe, Monkey's LYS, posted a recipe for a spread the other day. The spread looked nothing if not delicious. So naturally, I went out and bought some club crackers and whipped it up yesterday while Monkey was working for ROTC (and then watching the football game, which he failed to tell me he intended to do until the very last minute so all of my plans of cuddling and watching The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo were dashed). I tasted it, and promptly decided it was disgusting and brought it over to Monke's apartment because the boy is a human garbage disposal.

Today, I cracked open the lid to try it again. After all, the recipe does advise that it tastes better after being refrigerated for a day.

Boy oh boy were they right.

The darn this is pure crack. I think I gained about ten pounds from it alone. Well, either it or the fact that Monkey and I have been very, very bad and eaten out almost every meal this weekend.

(I am cutting him off tomorrow. Seriously. It is pretty darn ridiculous. I am also going to go to the grocery store and buying veggies for salads because I have yet to crack open the bottle of peanut dressing my mom bought me ages ago. That's beside the point.)

Wow. I really am a fan of the parenthesis today.

Anyways, other than my overwhelming obsession with food, I've been pretty idle this weekend. I haven't done too terribly much knitting. I've been tinkering on a the Besotted Scarf, which is currently cannibalizing the first scarf I ever knit, and the Viking Purse. Neither are going too terribly quickly.

Well, I'm off to remedy that. I'm going to kick Monkey off the Star Wars video game and put in the Girl with The Dragon Tattoo and knit and hopefully not eat any more of the darn spread.

Actually, you know what, I do have one photo I can share.
serious faceThis is his serious face. I don't even know.