Monday, May 23, 2011

Life in the Zoo

Last weekend may have been my most hermit-like weekend ever. I didn't leave my apartment whatsoever. I didn't talk to anyone in person. I watched TV, cleaned my apartment, and knit. That was essentially it. You'd think that in my very knit-centric weekend, I would have gotten a lot of progress done on my knitting, but unfortunately, I didn't. I finished my Lemon Giraffe


TOO CUTE. It makes me really happy. I knit the majority of it Friday, while watching Bones and Castle season finales with Tyler. I finished it that night, and stayed up way too late to do so. The head and ears confused me, and I wound up cutting the yarn in the wrong place, but once I figured out I could enlarge the picture of it on the pattern, duh, I finished it pretty easily. I love it- it's adorable! I've already started on another one in shades of brown. I'm thinking I'll probably make another one in yellow and give it to my sister- it seems like something she'd like. Maybe I'll even knit a larger one by doubling the stitches. All the possibilities.


Another thing I worked on was a container house for the hamsters. I had saved a special K cereal bars box for this purpose. I pulled off all the extra bits of cardboard and started painting it on Saturday. A billion coats later, and I'm still painting over it. It's super cute, and it'll help make me look less like a five year old with a billion stuffed animals laying around.

I also worked on my clapotis scarf. Um. Yeah. Let's just say despite the fact I worked on it for the majority of the weekend, I didn't manage to make essentially any progress. I had to frog it three times, and now I have a bunch of tangled yarn and I'm just ready to be DONE with it. I'd much rather be knitting toys. They're less frustrating. Normally I save longer projects like scarves for going to class and such, but I haven't managed to memorize the pattern (and I'm low on printing funds...) so it's been living in my apartment. I wanted to have it done by today, but I sincerely doubt that's going to happen.