Friday, June 17, 2011

The only River...

A few months ago, entirely because of SavvyGirlMelanie, I started watching Doctor Who. I remember in high school, I had friends who were absolutely obsessive about it, but I had never really had any interest until Melanie repeatedly talked about it on her podcast. The minute I started watching it, I was hooked. It took me a while to get caught up, but now, I cannot wait for the episodes to pick up again. I have to admit, I'm not really enjoying the whole drawn out drama with Amy and River Song. While I really enjoy Amy and Rory as companions, I just can't get into mysteries that span multiple episodes. I vastly prefer when I can watch an episode and not need to know what happened in the episode before to understand the new one. It's probably why I enjoy 'cop shows' so much. The longer story lines make it harder for me to rewatch because I feel like I have to watch everything from the beginning. There's no just sitting down to watch a random episode.

Even with the longer story arcs, I do have to say, I love, love, love River Song. When she was first introduced to the show, I thought she was quite annoying, though I think that more had to do with the fact that I knew Donna, my absolute favorite character, was leaving soon and I saw River Song as a kind of threat. Once Donna left, I really started enjoying the random encounters with River. She's powerful, quirky, and not afraid to boss the Doctor around.


None of this has anything to do with my real purpose for this post, well apart from the fact I named my project after River. Last week, I started knitting coasters. After getting annoyed for the upteenth time over a soggy paper, I finally got smart and started searching for coaster projects on Ravelry. That's when I saw the leaf washcloth pattern. Oh my goodness, so cute! I spent essentially the entire time Monkey was visiting knitting these up, and I'm absolutely enamored. I knit four in stockinette, two in garter. On the two smallest coasters, I only increased to 23 stitches so I could have a cute pile of them.


The pattern was super simple, and it gave me an excuse to use some of the oodles of kitchen cotton yarn from my stash. I'm not sure what it is about kitchen cotton. The minute I see it, I want to buy it all up. It doesn't matter that I don't knit washcloths, and there are only so many market bags you can make, especially when you don't actually use them (I have an adorable Hello Kitty Bag someone gave to me for my birthday, as well as one Monkey got for free from an event he had to go to for ROTC). But I'm just a sucker for them. It's probably the fact that it's so much yarn for such a low price, I see all the pretty colors and I can't resist.

In any case, I'm super happy with my coasters. I'm really enjoying going through and looking for patterns for various things to decorate my apartment. Next up on the list is bunting for my living room wall.