Friday, July 29, 2011

Mister Cockroach

I posted this on Ravelry, but I feel like this needs to be saved for posterity.

We’re at a beach house on vacation, and it’s our last night. We’ve stayed at another house through this company, and it was really clean and well kept. This one? Not so much. We got here before the cleaning crew (a lone man of one) was finished and discovered a dirty diaper under one bed and tons of other garbage littered around the patio. My SO and I didn’t have anything other than sheets until yesterday (supposedly, they were at the cleaners. I suspect otherwise, since we have twin beds and the queens and kings still had their covers).

Tonight just sealed the deal. We just found a four inch long cockroach in our closet. Now, I’m not bug-squeamish. And I’ve seen roaches before (a whole slew of them when we discovered a palm tree was infested before we even got it off the truck). But the antenna on that thing were a good two inches on top of that. SO GROSS.

My dad “rescued” my SO and I by squishing it, then promptly knocking on my sister and her friend’s door and saying in a terrifying voice while holding out the roach “It’s Miiiiiister Cockroach!”.

Thanks dad.