Sunday, October 2, 2011

In which I am still a television junkie

I have come to a conclusion:

The Closer is my favorite television show ever. Last week stressed me out to say the very least. I pretty much had zero free time and didn't get a lot of sleep either. To make up for it, I've been marathon watching The Closer. I remember when the show first came out, I was intrigued (and somewhat annoyed) by the show. I watched the first few episodes of the first season and then lost interest.

Somewhere around the premier of the third season, I got caught watching a TV marathon and fell in love. However, due to my apparent inability to watch television when it actually premiers, I didn't get to see much after that point.

Fast forward to this summer, when essentially all I did while trapped on campus by myself. I started watching it, again. I LOVE it. I love the quirky characters (especially Provenza and Captain Raydor). I love the sly little comments and Brenda's utter ridiculousness at times. The candy bit initially annoyed me, but now every time I see her candy drawer, I giggle. Sometimes, the show can be predictable (as in, Brenda talks to Fritz and he says something that inadvertently allows her to solve her case), but the individual episodes are unique enough to really engage me.

In short, I'm obsessed. While it certainly hasn't been helping me in getting my homework done, it at least has been helping me in my knitting. I've made significant progress in at least one WIP, but I'm beginning to wish I had a bout of startitis. Ever since I finished my vest, I've been unexcited about my knitting. I'm sure the numerous attempts at finding a project for my Shepherd Sock Stripes has been a huge part of that problem (in fact, I'm still disappointed with the project I finally settled on- not because of the appearance but because I know I won't finish for quite some time, especially because I don't even have all of the yarn for it). So I suppose I really should start trolling my ridiculous queue for something that speaks to me. Until then, I'll still be working on UFOs. And hopefully, listening to audiobooks as well- I currently have four checked out and only one of them I've started.