Friday, October 14, 2011

Wow Eliina, way to be a pain the ass

So, uh, what have I been up to lately?

Certainly not writing blog posts, despite the fact that I've had plenty to write about.

I'll make it easy on myself. Oh hey, look over here! Is this a finished object I see?


A FO I finished a billion years ago, that also, coincidentally took a billion years to finish?

Yes, I do believe it is. This is my eliina shawl, made out of Jojoland Harmony. That yarn made me fall in love with cobweb weight. That yarn also made me hate deceptively wound skeins of yarn (I thought this was a center pull, it wasn't. I got to fight tangles every three inches and lost probably a third of the damned ball in breaks), math (apparently, I can't count. There's a random number of rows between eyelets, so my math was torqued), modifications (I decided to make it larger since my rows were off anyway and I wanted to use up all of the skein. This promptly bit me in the ass in the end when I ran out of yarn on the last row before the BO- because of the aforementioned skein breaks), and finally, rainbows (I thought this yarn was going to be blue and pink because those are seriously the ONLY colors you could see in the ball without decimating it. I was very, very mistaken).


Also, apparently I no longer know how to take a photo that doesn't look like I took it with my cell phone from 2001. Please excuse me. I have no idea what went wrong, other than everything with this project. Seriously. EVERYTHING. I can't tell you how many times the yarn came off the needles, or I lost count, or I had to tink back because I dropped a stitch, or I broke the yarn trying to detangle it.

No wonder it took me about eight million months to finish.

Have I mentioned that I wore it quite a few times as well? And then it got hotter than blazes and I decided to pull it out in January when it might actually be less than 100 degrees outside? And that I still love, love, love this project to death even though I feel about 160 years old when wearing it? Seriously. I'm in love. I love the weight of the finished shawl. I love the delicate edging, I love the points and the size and everything. If only this hadn't been so painful to knit...

So, someone please explain to me why I'm looking at a new lacey shawl pattern and wondering where the easiest place to pick up more Jojoland Harmony is? Actually don't explain- I know the answer. I've gone off the deep end, that's why.