Monday, January 9, 2012

I love me some oatmeal

make something monday

A make something Monday that isn't about food? Shocking


This is actually a ridiculously quick and easy project that I was inspired to do after the upteenth attempt to find a random knitting needle, as well as my hesitation to toss out my giant oatmeal container of dooooooom after it had been emptied. Basically, what I did was slap some pretty scrapbook paper and glue on random cylindrical containers and called it a "project".


The big one has my straight and circular needles (the circs mostly contained in their original packaging). I'm planning on eventually figuring out a better system for the circular needles, most likely a sewn over the door organizer, but that can wait until I both figure out how to use a sewing machine and acquire some more circular needles. The smaller container houses my DPNs, as well as my crochet hooks.

After my mom had seen my new storage system, she fished out her own empty cylindrical containers, so I have two more. One has all my odds and ends of yarn (scraps less than a few feet). I use them for stuffing, so they definitely needed to be wrangled into organization. The other container will be used for various knitting goodies such as stitch markers, row counters, and the like.


Abby said... Reply to comment

Too cute! I did that to with three coffee containers and turned it into a yarn cubby. :)