Friday, August 3, 2012

A Slight Setback

finished object friday

My Ravellenic knitting hasn't been going as well as I hoped. It hasn't been going poorly, just not as quickly as I hoped. I finished the majority of my Brompton and promptly got sucked into a knitting black hole. I've been a few hours away from finishing for a few days now. I was hoping to make this post my first Ravellenic victory, but that's going to have to wait until I finish a sleeve and half. Maybe tomorrow!


In it's place is a project that was a challenge for an entirely different reason. My Saroyan was absolutely frustrating to knit. For starters, the yarn was gross, as I've mentioned before. It was so underspun and splitty that it honestly felt like I was knitting with a bunch of my hair. That wasn't really the gross part, though. This yarn pilled like crazy, and took nothing to break apart. Literally, I'd tug a little and it would snap in two. I think it might have also contained catnip because cats who normally care nothing about yarn (or alpaca normally) went batshit over it, which was even more frustrating because even the tiniest bat would split the yarn. I think I wound up weaving it over a dozen ends, despite only using two, knotless skeins. It also had horrible stitch definition, which made all of my hard work feel rather useless. I may eventually reknit the pattern in a yarn that shows it off better.


The pattern itself was easy to memorize, and would have been quick and enjoyable, had I not been forced to frog it several times. I wasn't entirely certain how wide to make it, as I don't have a scale to measure properly. I wound up ripping it out halfway through and doing nine increase repeats.


I really do like the finished project! Well, I did once I washed all the cat spit out of it. While I still don't like the sheen on the yarn, the color is a beautifully warm brown, and the coupling of yarn with the pattern remind me of a cozy fall day. I can't wait to wear it, snuggling up with some apple cider and a good book!