Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Clearly I'm Optimistic

wip wednesday

There's no other excuse for it. Either I'm batshit crazy (entirely possible), or I'm too optimistic for my own good. Remember how I was going to finish that shawl for the Ravellenic Games? Remember how I had a ball of 800 yards of lace weight yarn and beads?

I'm sure all of you saw it coming.


I clearly did not finish the shawl. In fact, I didn't even come close to finishing. I almost got finished with chart one, but I didn't even finish that. But hey, that's okay, the games are about challenging yourself, and honestly, getting it even on the needles was a challenge in itself.

Still, I thought certainly I would be finished before I had to move! I happily continued to knit, knit, and then move, and then keeping knitting.

And keep knitting.

And keep knitting. It's been almost a month since the Games ended. Finally, finally the end of this shawl is in sight. Am I anywhere near finishing?

Frozen Leaves Shawl WIP

Uh, no. I'm on row 13 out of 16 for the last chart, and I strongly suspect I'm at a billion stitches because it takes an hour to do one row- and not even the beading rows. I can't even imagine blocking it.  It'll take up my entire apartment because I can already tell it's huge. It's huge and heavy and fun to knit. I actually don't even mind that I have to look at charts to knit it. It's the power of beads I tell you. I am going to be so excited when it's done.

If I ever get there that is...