Saturday, August 18, 2012

Italian cream cupcakes

cupcake saturday

Yet another delicious cupcake! I seem to be on a roll with picking out delicious recipes!

This time, I ventured into a traditional area that I had never tried before. I had originally intended to make an Italian cream cake, but after some persuasion from my mother (who had to bring said dessert into work, and consequentially was all for portability), I decided to go back to my old standby.

One of these days I'm going to actually bake a real cake.


My only other experience with Italian cream cake was a frozen slice from the cafeteria my freshman year of college. Not exactly the most appealing treat. However, I knew that the cake had potential- I lve coconut, I love nuts, and most of all, I love cream cheese frosting.


Boy was I right! These cupcakes were delicious! They had the perfect ratio of nuts to cake, and the coconut was just right. Instead of leaving the frosting as is, I wound up dipping the cupcakes in some of the left over coconut flakes, which gave each cupcake the final touch it needed.

This definitely isn't my prettiest cake. The nuts prohibited me from using a frosting bag, and I didn't want to get too thick with the frosting, as I thought it might be overwhelming. It didn't matter though- between my mom's coworkers and my family, we wolfed down these cupcakes before anyone could take a good look!