Thursday, August 9, 2012

Bookmarked for Death, or at Least a Bad Review

book review thursday

book review thursday
I am so disappointed by Bookmarked for Death. The first book promised an interesting setting, quirky side characters, and a great concept. The writing wasn't the best, but it was enjoyable enough to make me excited to see how the author grew as a writer in the rest of the series.
This book completely changed my opinion. The flaws of the first book seemed even worse in this novel. The main character is an absolute shell, as is her boyfriend. I can't think of any adjectives to describe either of them, apart from "perfect". She's generous, intelligent, thin, and a great boss. Apart from that? There was no spark of life in her. No soul to her. In a genre where likeable characters is imperative, the author really missed the mark.

The plot? Incredibly predictable. The minute the topic of food poisoning came up, I instantly knew who the killer was, so there was no fun in guessing. The "red herring" the author threw out there was incredibly unbelievable.

The ending was really what clinched my dislike. There was a sitcom-esque wrap up where everyone talked about how grateful they were for the main character. The only thing that was missing was a rousing chorus of "For She's a Jolly Good Fellow". I really don' think I'll be continuing this series- again the disappointment! I absolutely adore the concept, but the delivery is just too unreadable.

(1/5 stars)