Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Halloween Decor: Part Two

Yesterday, I showed off my own Halloween decorations. Now I'm about to put them to shame with a few from my parents house.

These photos suck and don't give justice to what the house looks like. The garage was closed off because my dad was still rearranging when I took the photos, so you don't get to see it from the front. The garage is the biggest part of our decorations, so it was a big disappointment that I didn't get a chance to take proper photos.


First off, a photo of what it looks like from far away. On the right, you can see a bit of the blow ups. There are about six on that side of the house, and they continue around the bend of the cul-de-sac and into the yard of the house across the street.

The black blobs on the center peak and the far right peak are a giant demon and a giant vampire. My dad opens the garage door and strings cobwebs (and a kind of rope netting) across so no one can get at the decorations.


A peak at what is behind the garage doors...


And more...


You can only really see about two thirds of the decorations in these photos, and almost all of them talk and move. Every year, my parents add more decorations, and every year, they get more and more visitors on Halloween. People will pour out of cars.

Like I've mentioned before, it's my dad's birthday (his 50th this year!), so of course he has to make it special.