Friday, November 4, 2011

Pumpkin Chunks

finished object friday

So I've already let the photos of this week's FO Friday slip, but I didn't explain them. One of my favorite places for inspiration on Ravelry is my friends feed. MissCookie in particular is utterly fabulous for giving me the bug to make toys. So when her Halloween themed monster chunks came into my line of sight, I knew I had to make them.


My Pumpkin Chunks are based on Rebecca Danger's Monster Chunk pattern, except I followed the trend of knitting them in one piece. I used safety eyes because, well, I think they're adorable, and a nice zig zag stitched mouth just for ease.


The first chunk is knit up with RHSS from Monkey's grandmother, and the second is knit out of random chunky acrylic, also from his grandmother. I vastly prefer the look of the first. It's kind of amazing that there is worse quality yarn than RHSS, but there you go. I finished both within an afternoon, and I suspect that next year, they'll multiply.