Saturday, November 5, 2011

A mitten a day keeps the doctor away

Christmas is almost as big of a deal in my family as Halloween is. The only reason I think it isn't is because my birthday is the day before Halloween and my father's is the day of. Still, every year, our Christmas decorations get larger and larger.

My mom has become a fan of the rustic decor. She bounces between rustic-farm and rustic-beach. Our kitchen is covered with roosters on almost every surface, whereas there are seashells and palm trees scattered about everywhere else. This decor obsession also reaches the Christmas decorations. Since my father is in charge of the outside, my mom takes over the inside. Essentially every nook and cranny is stuffed to the brim with decorations.

This year, my mom keeps hinting that she wants some knitted items. It began with seeing an add for hand-knit stocking ornaments and has only increased from there. I have quite a few random holiday patterns in my queue, and this year, I decided it was time for the mittens.


My goal is to knit one mitten a day for fifty days preceding Christmas, which starts November fifth. I'll be using the knitpicks' Smitten pattern, using the red white and green worsted weight scraps of yarn. I'm thinking that after I come home, I'll play "hide the mitten" with my mom and see how long it takes her to notice the random decorations that pop up.