Monday, May 14, 2012

The Summer of UFOs

So, this summer, quite against my will, I'll be deprived of Monkey for essentially a billion years two months, without contact. While I'm trying really hard to not to panic and flail about, so far it's not going too well.

Every summer, I try to come up with a list of 101 things I want to accomplish. Most of them are the generic: read this book, clean out my closet, do this craft, and so on. This year, I decided that the focus on these goals are to keep myself busy. While I know that certainly won't keep me from missing Monkey while he's dropped out of civilization, it will at least keep me productive. My goals also have another theme; this will be the summer of eliminating UFOs.

I don't really have too many abandoned projects, especially not in comparison to some of the more ADD knitters. Most of the projects marked as unfinished on Ravelry are really only there so I remember to take a photo. The actual number of projects on my needles is comparatively small. I do think, however, it would be utterly fabulous to start the next (and thankfully, last) school year with a completely clean slate. That, and it would make packing quite a bit easier, as storing WIPS is definitely more challenging than storing FOs.

To foster my theme, I've made a "schedule" for myself. I didn't quite plan out dates, but I did decide on the order I want to knock these projects out. First on the list?


My shifting sands. I definitely haven't abandoned it long enough for it to be considered an UFO, but it's something that's been in my queue with yarn purchased and ready for long enough. It's going by surprisingly quickly, considering how reluctant I was to approach cables without a cable needle. Unfortunately, I'm running out of yarn more quickly than I would have liked, which means I'm inevitably going to have to pick up another skein, or possibly two. When all I want to do is act like a hermit, even that seems like too much trouble.


Second up is the dalek for Monkey. Originally, I intended to give it to him for his birthday, but that came and went without a completed object so this is still in my to-finish bucket, unfortunately. All that this dalek needs to be ready to extermiknit is his plunger, arm, bottom, and stuffing. Basically, fiddly bits that I really don't want to do. I really want to churn this out before Monkey is sent away without internet access, so I can at the very least show it to him over Skype...


The next project up to bat is something I'm quite ashamed of. I cast on for my Cabled Laptop Case last summer, and managed to get the entire knitting done. What I didn't manage to do was seam, line, and sew the closure on. Since I'm currently attempting a seamed sweater, I figured finishing the laptop case should be perfect practice. I hope. 

Those aren't my only projects, but I'm afraid this post is scary enough, so look forward to part two tomorrow!