Thursday, May 31, 2012

Dead and Gone

book review thursday

book review thursday Okay, so this one wasn't quite as bad as the last few books. But still, Dead and Gone didn't float to the top of my awesome scale. I'm almost considering not even remarking on this series any more, except for the fact that I'm almost finished with it. Each book is similar to the next in terms of flaws and strengths.

I think the part of this book I liked the least was just how darn depressing it was. It was kind of like, "here, let me introduce these awesome characters and then kill them off just to make Sookie be angsty". I'm not interested in that. That's not to say that I don't want anyone to die in the books, that would be excessive. But when both Trey and Claudine kicked the bucket in one book (effectively introducing the end of Amelia), it definitely felt like Harris was just setting up Sookie to be in pain.

Uh, there's a different between winging over a relationship and winging over the loss of a personal friend and relative. Just... no. It felt too dark for these books, which sounds silly considering the series theme, but it's true. Nothing truly bad happens close to Sookie herself, nothing she (and the readers) can't bounce back from. While I understand that yes, eventually Sookie is going to be affected by her choices and relationship with the Supes, it definitely felt excessive this book.

Maybe I'm just sulking because I really liked Trey, Amelia, and Claudine. Either way, this book started out extremely enjoyable- I loved the focus on the mystery of Crystal's death and the Fairy wars, as well as that Sookie finally started calling in favors. I didn't like how Sookie just lay down and took Eric's high-handed introduction to a relationship. I though it was a stark contrast to the part of her personality we glimpsed in the end of her relationship with Alcide and Bill... Not really cohesive characterization.

Bleargh, I'm just venting at this point.

(2/5 stars)