Thursday, September 13, 2012

Lost in a Good Book (Literally!)

book review thursday

book review thursday

Uh, talk about an awesome book- Lost in a Good Book drew in me completely. Not only was it a great expansion of the incredibly interesting premise the prequel introduced, it also made Thursday Next an even more likeable character. I'm not talking about introducing something for her to mope over- meaning the removal of her spouse, I'm talking about her reactions to small events. They made her seem so real to me.

I sped through this book a few months ago, so I'm afraid I can't remember too many of my thoughts other than "AWESOME". I know I was a bit disappointed with the ending- I was moving the next day, and I couldn't check out the next book, so it was a bummer the ending ended on rather a cliffhanger.

I loved Mycroft's "retirement"; it was an absolutely perfect tie in that I didn't (surprisingly) see coming. I also enjoyed the steadfast devotion Thursday's partner showed her when she told him what happened to her husband. I may still be a bit mopey that Thursday didn't wind up with him, rather than her actual husband who has had shockingly little screen time, and from what I can remember, little personality as well. Whatever, to each their own. Any way you look at it, this was a great book, one I'd definitely recommend.
(5/5 stars)