Friday, February 17, 2012

Captain Planet Is Our Hero... Gonna Take Pollution Down to Zero!

finished object friday

If you hadn't figured out by the last FO Friday post, I love bright colors. In high school, whenever it was time for me to wear a club shirt (usually black), they were always paired with horribly obnoxious colored pants.

I was kind of infamous. Well, at least in my mind. At any rate, you give me something retina-searing and I'm most likely going to fall in love with it. This yarn was no exception.


Knit up in the appropriately named Acid colorway of Manos Del Uruguay Maxima, my in the colorway Acid, my Beluga Slouch was an absolute dream to churn through. A few episodes of Doctor Who and an Auditing class, and bam, it was done. And slouchy. Very, very slouchy.


Unfortunately, I still suck at pom poms. I make them so infrequently, I haven't been able to justify just shelling out for a pom pom maker, but really I ought to. Sadly enough, getting a nice sized pom pom was the most troubling part of this project. Sad, I know. This project was doubly exciting, as it was my first FO for 12 in 2012. I'm planning on covering that topic in a bit more detail soon.

In terms of the title, well that one is rather silly. Back in the olden days, we kiddos watched cartoons that shoved morals and social responsibility down your throat with every message. The prime example of this was Captain Planet. Ridiculously goofy, yet utterly endearing, I'd sit my happy butt down and watch it for hours. To this day, I still remember all of the words to the theme song- which I demonstrated by having said song stuck in my head the entire time I was knitting this. Whoops.

So, before you object, here's the earworm for you as well!

The power is yours!


Jen said... Reply to comment

I am loving all of your bright knits!

lizzlizzlizz said... Reply to comment

Thank you! I think at the rate I'm going, I ought to invest in a black light ;)