Saturday, February 25, 2012

Strawberry Buttercream- Heavy on the Butter

cupcake saturday

This is another cupcake from my mom's birthday. This one, suprise surprise, was a vanilla cupcake with strawberry frosting.

The vanilla cupcake was delicious! I used Bakerela's yellow cake recipe, and I'm so glad that I did. It was most and buttery. According to my mom, it tasted like a sugar cookie. Considering she managed to demolish an entire cupcake before I had even started frosting, this was a pretty significant compliment.


I had my best friend ever helping me out, so she made the frosting and decorated. Since this was her first time using frosting bags, we opted to use some non parleils and pink sugar to pretty them up even further. She was supposed to use my favorite strawberry frosting recipe ever, but wound up accidentally putting in an extra stick of butter, so they turned out to be "strawberry buttercream- heavy on the butter". Still delicious, just not very strawberry-ish!


Anonymous said... Reply to comment

Those look so yummy!

lizzlizzlizz said... Reply to comment


Thank you! They definitely were!