Friday, June 1, 2012

The end of chrysanthemums

 finished object friday

Okay, as per usual, I finished this a while ago, and honestly, I don't have much to say about it.


(Remember the emo phase? Yeah, I still have the hair. And the neon skinny jeans. And the studded belt. Not that I fit in wear them!)

I already vented about how I am a sucker for Manos del Uruguay and how I managed to buy three skeins of the same incredibly frustrating colorway, all on separate occasions, and all accidentally. Yikes. This skein (and then, the fourth skein) were completely different colors however, and I think much more pleasing. The remainder of the two ugly skeins went into monsters, if you remember. I wound up picking out the prismatic scarf pattern right off the bat, and even attempted a cast on right away- and promptly frogged it.


Low and behold, a year later the random skein was still marinating in my stash and I finally had enough. After several false starts, I managed to get going with a no-purl mod and was well on my way to some lovely autopilot knitting. After buying four skeins of that god forsaken colorway, "Chrysanthemum", I refused to buy any more, so the scarf is on the short side (exacerbated in these photos with how I was wearing it, but whatever). The resulting fabric is absolutely lovely, and I can't wait to wear it.

You know, except I finished it in time for 100 degree weather and oh yeah, living two boiling southern states. I think at the rate I'm knitting scarves, Monkey had better be stationed somewhere cold next year or I'll never get to wear them!

(Just kidding. I'll be a trainwreck if we have to move anywhere that actually gets snow during the winter. I'd be come a hermit and never get out from the covers.)

If I never hear the word chrysanthemum again, it'll be too soon.