Wednesday, March 30, 2011

2KCBWDAY3 : Stashin' It Away


How do you keep your yarn wrangling organised?

My organizational skills are pretty lacking when it comes to my stash. It's not that I don't know where everything is and that I don't have a system, it's that I have i my system scattered in so many places. Because I have pretty limited space and I have to look to moving the stash every few months when I'm shuttled from my room at my parents house and my apartment, it needs to be fairly portable, so I use a few bags.


This is where the majority of my stash lives. Pretty pathetic, isn't it? The drawers aren't even really full. The top drawer is filled with knitting needles and labels (and trash, but shush. Clearly I need to go on a major cleaning spree). It also has a few ball of oddball yarn- meaning the yarn I intend to knit a pair of Jaywalker socks in once I free up my size 1 needles from my Vinterblomster mittens. You know, those mittens I started in January and still haven't even finished the first one.

The middle drawer has a few full skeins of Caron Simply Soft that are intended for specific projects. Most of it is for a blanket I intend to knit once my current ripple afghan is finished.

The third drawer has a few skeins of red heart and other yarn I'm not overly fond of.

I very rarely actually go into these drawers, unless I'm searching for a needle. Most of what I use is in other places. That Little Mermaid lunchbox is filled with bits of yarn for stuffing, needles, stitch holders, and other little tools that I use occasionally. There's also a cone of cotton and a calendar with patterns that a family friend gave me for Christmas last year- complete with hamsters hiding underneath.

This is the box I slip under my bed that holds all of my cotton and remnants. I dive into here fairly often for toys, and it's probably used the most often of all of my stash locations.

This is the bag of shame. I hide knitting that I want to pretend is still not on the needles. Like the vinterblomster mittens. I think those mittens are going to be the death of me.

This bag is filled with projects I drag over to my SO's place. They're not portable enough to stick in my backpack to bring with me wherever I go, but I still work on them when I have the chance. You can bits of my clapotis scarf and kitten peeking out.

I've really got to put this in a nicer bag. It's my ripple blanket. Since it's so darn large, I can't really bring it anywhere other than to Monkey's place for Buffy marathons. I usually throw in a pair of scissors in the bag when I move it. Thankfully, the blanket seems to be outgrowing this bag, so I should be done with it soon.

Last photo! This is where I put my bags of cotton and skeins of evil Manos. This is what I don't intend to work on for quite a while, just because other projects are taking precedence. That and the Manos is in time out.

I also have big bag of random acrylic stuff that my SO's mom gave me. It was her mother's so it's older than me by quite a few years. Because it's not stuff I necessarily want to use, it's at my parents house. I do intend to use it, but my own, handpicked stash takes priority.

This probably wasn't the most entertaining blog entry, but at least there were lots of pictures! And if you want to see what my stash looks like all laid out, you can see this post. A few balls have been knit up, but there's not a significant difference.