Friday, September 9, 2011

Birthday Preparations

I haven't been able to update lately, really. Mostly because, well, I suck. And I've been so busy with school that I haven't really been doing much of anything other than running around like crazy or sleeping. I'm really hoping that's going to change.

Tomorrow is my sister's birthday party. I drove home to help out my parents- mostly doing catering. So far I've made vanilla cupcakes with root beer frosting and cake batter chocolate bark. The chocolate bark was a new recipe, and for someone who doesn't like chocolate, I seriously ate more than my share.

I had to hide it in the fridge so I'd stop picking at it. Tomorrow morning I'll be making the rest of the cupcakes, as well as orchestrating the entertainment- making magnets. Monkey is at a Ranger FTX with ROTC, so he'll be dirty, stinky, and without cell phone service until Sunday. Poor thing.

At any rate, here's a sneak peak at my sister present (plus an iTunes gift-card hidden away in the obnoxious monkey card).


It feels so much like fall lately, I've been loving it. I'm ready for some Halloween celebrations- my pinterest boards are overflowing with ideas. Not that I'll really do anything with it- Halloween is reserved strictly for family... The decorations though... Those will hopefully at least make it to my apartment.