Friday, September 16, 2011

You're My Candy Girl And You've Got Me Wanting You

I know, I know, I'm terrible. I didn't do this last week. Last week I was just a mess though, so you'll have to forgive me. Hopefully I start doing better! I think I need to just learn that I have to write all of my posts for the week on the weekend before, or else they just plain won't get done.

finished object friday

I knit this so long ago, it isn't even funny.


This is my Improv Cowl. It's so basic, I'm almost ashamed of putting it on here. This yarn went through a lot of drama to get there- and I still have a skein and a half left. I had originally bought it because it was on sale at one of my LYSes. As I think I've mentioned before, I get weak at the knees over Manos.

I should be beaten off Manos Del Uruguay with a stick.

It's an obsession.

A horrible, horrible obsession that leads only to heartbreak when I realize, yet again, I dislike the look of highly variegated yarn in most patterns.


My first thought at seeing this yarn was "I MUST KNIT A HONEY COWL RIGHT NOW". I remember casting on when Monkey needed to drive to Midwest City to get his uniform altered.

That was not a pleasant trip. Because we didn't have my GPS with me, we were relying on google maps. The exit we needed was labeled unclearly (as in, there was an exit about fifteen minutes beforehand with the same damned name... and we didn't have the exit number. Monkey also decided that I clearly could not be trusted when I said I thought it wasn't the right exit. We wound up at Tinker Airforce base, which actually bordered where we needed to go.

The problem? We were on the opposite border and there wasn't an efficient way to actually get to the other side (well, other than driving through the base and that wasn't going to happen). On the plus side, we learned that the men who work as guards at that base are very friendly.

And they don't make fun of you to your face when you act like an idiot. ("How do you get to the other side" "... you go on the highway and take the next exit" "Can't we just drive around the base?" "...")

So what should have been one hour round-trip, took us four. To make matters worse, my wonderful honey cowl turned out resembling the oh so appealing color of cat barf. It wasn't pretty. On the (ridiculously long- we hit rush hour) drive home I got to rip out all that "lovely" work. It was fun. The yarn went into time out for quite some time after that.

At that point, I decided that seed stitch was the way to go. Thus, this ridiculously simple cowl was born. In terms of the leftovers? Yeah, I'm still pretending it doesn't exist.


Joanna Noel said... Reply to comment

I was looking through Blogland and finding people that blog in Oklahoma and found your blog! I love it! The pink is amazing!
Love the project in this post! I'll have to try that sometime!
So fun to find another Oklahoma blogger! I am new follower!

lizzlizzlizz said... Reply to comment

@Joanna Noel

Thank you so much! CraftyMinx is one of my favorite Okie bloggers. I'm actually from the DFW area- in Oklahoma for school.

Melissa said... Reply to comment

Ahhhhh I LOVE the Cowl! Honestly I never had a desire to make a cowl until seeing how beautiful that turned out. I love that colorway too! Did you get it at L&B?

lizzlizzlizz said... Reply to comment


Actually, I think I got it in a LYS in the DFW area- the Woolie Ewe. I'm fairly certain that they have the exact same colorway at the L&B though. Manos Del Uruguay is definitely my favorite brand!

Melissa said... Reply to comment

Awesome, I am going to have to check that out for sure. I still have a Groupon from L&B to use.