Thursday, September 8, 2011

I Want to Do Bad Things With You...

book review thursday

book review thursday Well, this was certainly a big step away from my usual reading material.

About half way in I was sure I was reading porn. cough

Anyways, I've been a fan of the TV show True Blood since it first came on the air. There's something about the ridiculously campy nature that I can't help but watch. While it's cheesy, the actors and writers admit that it's cheesy. I love all of the characters (Arlene and Pam are my definite favorites), and even with the story lines get more silly (fairies?!), I still love it... I will admit to closing my eyes during the sex scenes though.

At any rate, Dead Until Dark didn't live up to the same expectations. For one thing, the humor just wasn't there. It took itself by far too seriously for what it was- fluffy entertainment. I'm not saying that it was entirely terrible, I was just rather disappointed. The writing was... mediocre at best, and while I will give Charlaine Harris props for coming up with some unique and entertaining characters, Sookie felt a bit too much like a Mary Sue. I have every intention to continue to read more of the series, as I definitely liked them well enough to keep going. I particularly enjoyed comparing the book to the show (where was Tara! I missed her!), though I was considerably less enthralled with Rene.

It was probably the lack of the adorable accent.

At any rate, this was a good, mindless read, and I think everyone needs one of those every once and a while. I love seeing where the show has taken off from the books and developed ideas more concretely (like the issue of Vampire Rights). One of my favorite parts of the show is how perfectly the intro embodies the theme of the entire show. So, without further ado, here it is!


Jasmin said... Reply to comment

So, I've read the whole series so far, and we've watched through season 3 on the show. I read Dead until Dark LOOOOOONG before the show was made, so I thought some of the artistic license they took with the show was interesting.

I look at them as totally different- especially since by book 3/season 3, other than the characters having the same names, they are TOTALLY different. Apples and oranges in my opinion. :)

lizzlizzlizz said... Reply to comment


I think viewing the two media as separate entities would definitely make both more easily enjoyable. I also think that the books are going to be so fluffy and light that they'll be great for when I'm stressed out! Even fluff has its time and place :)