Monday, March 26, 2012

Challenges and Decisions

I discovered the group 12 in 2012 on Ravelry quite some time ago. Rather than immediately jump in during 2011, I decided to wait until the start of this year to challenge myself.

I'm sure I've mentioned this before, but I love challenges. While I hate competing against other people, I love pushing myself towards a goal. Finish 52 books in a year? Game on. Get to level bajillion of Text Twist? I'll do it. Knit twelve projects from my stash in a year? Booyah.

In December, I narrowed down my list to the twelve projects. I left one blank because I figured I would purchase something before the end of the year, or I'd figure out something from my stash sometime during the year. The former actually happened- one of my LYSes had a sale and I picked up yarn for a certain sweater. When the new year dawned, I was *ready*. I was going to do it! I hurriedly cast on my Bella Mittens.

...And promptly lost interest. After (almost) finishing the first one, I had to admit to myself that I hated working on it. The small needles combined with red heart held doubled made me avoid knitting on it. The resulting fabric wasn't pretty, and it was a terrible use for the yarn. I frogged it and set aside the yarn for another project (a crochet blanket- I still have to decide on a pattern. And you know, actually learn more than two crochet stitches). To avoid falling behind on my knitting goals, and because I didn't really have much else on the needles, I cast on the second project on my list while I pondered. I tried to stagger the projects to be seasonally appropriate- e.g. shawls in the summer because I have more time to stare at charts, short projects after the sweaters, etc. That flew out the window when the very first project I had selected was a dud. So... Here's the list after some serious alterations.

  1. Three knitted monster made of two hideous skeins of Manos Del Uruguay Maxima in the colorway Chrysanthemum Check and Mate!

  2. Beatnik in hand dyed Fisherman's Wool. I cast on and cannot seem to get anywhere with it!It's one step forward, twenty steps back at all times.

  3. Belugah Slouch Hat in lime Manos Del Uruguay. Zipped through it- great mindless knitting!

  4. Prismatic Scarf in a B-E-A-U-TIFUL variegated skein of Manos Del Uruguay. This is currently my go to autopilot knitting

  5. Cable Braided Necklace in Mini Mochi. This was in my queue/stash for an embarrassing amount of time. It took all of five seconds to make, which made matters even worse.

  6. Summer Flies in Natrually Caron Spa. I actually need to pick up a skein or two to be able to finish this, but shhh. It should finish off my remnants. Or I might change my mind entirely and use it for a hat to avoid buying more yarn. Who knows.

  7. Haruni in a beautiful silver/gold/white yarn I paid entirely too much for. This will be my first project with beads and I'm SO excited.

  8. Saroyan in pretty brown yarn I bought on vacation.

  9. Inspira Cowl in Lionbrand Amazing. EEK. I'm so excited for this project. I'm going to have to pick up some needles for it, however.
  10. Brompton in Louisa Harding Aimee. This is the yarn I scored on sale. Super excited!
  11. Diagonal Lace Scarf in Naturally Caron Spa. Once upon a time, I knit a vest out of this yarn. I was so incredibly excited for it, and then it turned out hideous. The scarf was knit out of the frogged remains of the vest. This was a great autopilot project and I absolutely breezed through it.

  12. Shifting Sands in CSS. I might have to pick up another skein of yarn, but I'm not 100% certain of that...

I've been working on other stashy projects, so some of the "official" list may be bumped off as I finish the "unofficial" projects. There's always room for more than 12! You know, if I ever finish that darn sweater...