Friday, March 2, 2012

Get Yer Lasso Ready

finished object friday

Okay, this should really be called "Frogged Object Friday". I knit this up eons ago, and it's been languishing in my closets until now.


From the moment my eyes met the computer screen, I fell in love with this project. I don't know if it's the color, the puppy, or the fun stitch pattern. I just loved it- and I just had to make my own. Armed with the same yarn and needle size, I cast on my with a fell swoop and knit up a Wild Vest. I had never seamed shoulders before, but that didn't matter. I had never done daisy stitch before, but I managed. I had never actually finished a garment, but it was all good. Finally, I had never picked up stitches before, but that would be a breeze, right?


Well, it was. Except the pattern doesn't take into account the drastic different between the loose daisy stitch and the tight ribbing on teensy weensy needles. The result is a ribbed bottom that gets hidden under a roll of daisy stitch. it looks like a muffin top, and is hardly flattering.

There's also the looming mistake. I'm sure you can see it. It's leering at you. Right there. It's plain as day... except I failed to notice it when I cast off. I wound up with a completely unwearable garment that I kind of hoped never saw the light of day again. My hopes were changed when I used my leftovers to knit an All Day Beret and found matching scarf and fingerless mitts patterns. My hideous muffin top vest was saved! Or rather, the yarn was. I tediously tore out the entire vest and am now in the process of working it into a much prettier result.