Sunday, March 4, 2012

Pushing up Chrysanthemums.

start something sunday

Just a quick something, as the day is almost over and I'm ready to just relax.


I cast on for my Prismatic Scarf for the umpteenth time today. I bought my first skein of the yarn over the summer, and immediately found the perfect pattern for it. I decided after trolling through quite a few projects to do the no purl mod, as clarified by texturedknitter. Unfortunately, my wee little brain couldn't seem to get a grasp on the pattern. After frogging quite a few times, I finally put it aside for more exciting projects. Well, that and because I knew I'd have to buy another skein to get a decent length scarf and that wasn't something I wanted to contemplate.

Fast forward a few months when I made a rather embarrassing discovery. Oh, you know the one. The one where I realized that the clownbarf yarn I had been despairing of, was actually the same colorway as my new yarn for this scarf. AKA, Manos del Uruguay Maxima in the colorway Chrysanthemum. Yeah, well that put some pressure on me to start on the scarf to make sure I didn't hate this batch of the colorway as much as the last.

Thankfully, I don't. After watching Sherlock Holmes II (and get even more anxious if anything to read more of the books and watch the new show), I churned this much out. I rather like it so far. Thank goodness. I about went insane trying to get rid of the last batch of ugly.