Monday, August 15, 2011


This entry regarding Make Something Monday has been hereby postponed in favor of an urgent matter.

Namely, my schedule of doom for tomorrow. I tried to write it out, in attempts to make myself feel better. While I am a bit more amused, I'm absolutely terrified about tomorrow. (I'm moving at 6AM Wednesday moving. Predictably, I'm so not ready).

The schedule:

0800-0830 Tear self from bed. Shower. Attempt to not look like a sleep deprived zombie.
0830-0900 Eat breakfast for fear of turning into a ravaging monster. Resist the urge to bake muffins and pancakes to avoid the certain doom
0900-1000 CLEAN ALL THE THINGS from the last minute baking of the evening before.
1000-1130 Pack. Yuck.
1130-1430 Run in terror of the packing, straight to the arms of an LYS. Squish more yarn.
1430-1500 Pick up prescription on the way home
1500-1520 Scarf down lunch. Most likely leftovers and a smoothie, since our fridge is exploding.
1520-1700 Go the the eye doctor. Enjoy the brief moments of relaxation via knitting in the waiting room. Resist the urge to buy neon square framed glasses.
1700-1900 Pack more. Procrastinate slightly by eating a light snack since dinner will be late.
1900-2000 Fall into a pit of despair about the state of packing. Go across the street and mush the kittens there and try to sneak one home.
2000-2130 Make dinner. Crash hot potatoes + something. Do potatoes really need a side dish?
2130-2230 Last ditch efforts to squeeze things in boxes while my father shoves them in our cars.
2230-2330 Give up. Get ready for bed/doom. Sync up my iPod for the trip and try, most likely unsuccessfully to sleep.

Kitten in Question

This is the aforementioned kitchen.

My To Pack list is ridiculous. I'm so doomed.