Monday, August 22, 2011

Pesto with Cream Sauce

make something monday

Oh, I made something. I made something delicious!

I put the teaser up a few weeks ago, and now I'm finally writing about it. What did I make those many days ago? Well, I made pasta with pesto cream sauce. With the first bite, I thought I had died and gone to Italian heaven. My mother felt the same way.


This was so delicious in fact, I made it again, less than a week later, for my dear friend Veronica. Our original intention was to deviously lure a boy into loving her through delicious food. That plan backfired when her boy didn't show up. That just meant more for us though, and her parents loved it as well. I've got to say, the tomatoes really make it, and I'm someone who really doesn't like tomatoes.

The boy will just have to wait until Christmas break. I'm sure by then, Veronica and I will have plenty of delicious recipes to force feed him.


Have I mentioned I'm in love with these plates? Veronica's mom wants to get rid of them if Veronica doesn't want them. I'm resisting the urge to garbage pick if that happens. When I do finally upgrade to real plates (rather than the plastic Ikea ones I use now. I swear, I'm not really five years old), I intend to buy brilliant white ones, but these are so cute. They remind me of tea parties and MeMe Rose. Anyways, back to the food.

I promise you, it's amazing. Try it. If you're particularly devious, try it twice. And with extra cheese if you're making it for my mother. And for the love of food, do toast the pine nuts.