Sunday, August 14, 2011

Not my original intent.

First off, let me preface this by saying I'm really proud of myself for the continuous posting. That being said, today almost didn't happen because I'm a bonehead.

I originally intended to introduce the theme for Sundays: Start Something Sundays, except for one major problem. I didn't take any photos of anything I started. I strive to provide as many pictures as possible on this blog because that is what I really enjoy seeing on other blogs. Clearly, I'm really shallow. So when I don't take photos, I don't post.

Which quickly because an excuse until I don't post for several months. Uh. Yeah, not good.

So, I'm going to distract from the fact that I don't really have a relevant photo by including a picture of a really handsome cat:


At any rate, what I did start today is packing. Yes, I know, really exciting. And also not really something that's too photogenic. I hate packing. I hate it with a fiery passion and I absolutely cannot wait until I'm done with school and thus done with moving every nine months or so. While I love my apartment and the space, I hate being so far away from my parents. And while I love being close to my parents at home, I hate being crammed into my teeny tiny crap filled room (and I do mean absolutely filled. You can't even walk into it, unfortunately). Packing always seems to make it worse, even though I'm emptying things out. I wind up not being to find what I need, and that only leads to more frustration.

The straw that broke the camel's back tonight were towels. Now, I normally use beach towels to dry off with. Neon green or pink beach towels. No one else in my house uses them, and they're quite obviously mine. With the retina searing colors, they're also pretty hard to miss.

And yet... They're missing. I left school with four green and one pink. I have one green and one pink that I can actually find. I scrounged around and found one green and one pink in the depths of my closet that I know weren't from my apartment (the dust excluded them from that one)... I finally decided that it was a sign to leave it all until tomorrow (really, I shouldn't be procrastinating any more since I'm moving in two days but I really, really hate packing). I'm going to wake up early, bribe myself with Joy the Baker podcasts and just hammer away until lunch. Then a doctor's appointment, chauffeuring my sister to decorate her locker at her new school, and finally a trip to Walmart to pick up supplies for my latest experiment, and for dinner. I'm thinking zucchini with fettuccine. Yum.

Then more packing hell. Of course.