Tuesday, June 12, 2012

And go get yourself some cheap sunglasses

First off, an announcement! I've been stockpiling my review for a while now, and I've finally hit the point where I'm three months ahead of the game. Since that's more than a little ridiculous, I'm going to go ahead and start posting two on Thursdays until it gets closer to when my classes start up again. And now, on to your regularly (or not) featured program!

a few of my favorite things

This entire post was really a product of bribery. As I'm sure I've mentioned before, Monkey is going to be out of town for two months, and completely out of touch for one of those months. Naturally, I'm freaking out. Before he leaves for those trips, he has been, and will be pretty unavailable anyways, and I've been sorely missing him.

When I finally saw him on Monday, I have to admit, he spoiled me. I strongly suspect this was really just him trying to bribe and distract me so  that I don't break his legs with a sledge hammer and imprison him in my spare bedroom, a la Kathy Bates.Consequentially, I made out with some serious loot! Not only did he feed me delicious things, but he also bought me Psych (admittedly, this was after months of whining) because he got an awesome deal- seasons one and two for $24. Considering my sister and I have recently bonded over a Psych marathon, it was perfect timing.

Okay, it was less of a bonding experience and more of her having pneumonia and being too weak to fight me when I took control over the living room TV and refused to stop watching it on DVR.

Nevertheless, after forcing Monkey to watch an episode, even he admits that the show is awesome and I have amazing taste, but we already knew that.

As if those things weren't wonderful enough, he bought me the third coolest pair sunglasses ever. The first coolest were a pair of my mom's from the 80s that at one point in time, were mirrored but have since been so scratched up (and peed on by one of Monkey's short term, drunken roommates), that I've been unable to wear them. The second coolest were my replacement pair- cat-eyed leopard print that are delightfully ridiculous. Then there are these.


Look at them. Look at them with awe and amazement. They are so cool. Clearly, my sunglasses taste veers toward the "more than a little obnoxious" side of the spectrum, but hey. They've got magical UV protection and look pretty darn awesome on me, if I do say so myself! And if need be, they double as manhole covers.

Monkey was undeniably sweet to me, and I'm going to be a complete basket case on Saturday. I did arrange for a mope-fest with another one of my friends though, as her boyfriend will be out of town as well. This mope-fest involves a road trip, and I'm super excited about seeing her. I'm thinking I'll probably continue my "house-wife training" teach her how to cook a few more awesome things.