Friday, June 8, 2012

Shifting Sands

finished object friday

Guess what I finished!


The summer of UFOs has commenced! I actually finished most of the projects on my list, I just haven't been that good at actually writing about them. Pure laziness, I suppose. I also took a bunch of photos of random projects (but the most recent ones, unfortunately, didn't turn out so well, so I'll have to try that again). I should be set for FO Friday for a while now! You know, provided that I actually get off my keister and write about them.

All of that rambling and nothing about this project! I've already said before that my shifting sands was a wonderfully easy autopilot project, and I learned how to cable without a cable needle because of it (so much easier with small cables!). I used caron simply soft that was in my stash for, well, forever, and gave it some fringe because I love fringe, and because it helped the project stop rolling. Now I have half a skein of the yarn left, when this was supposed to help me reduce my acrylic supply. Oh well... I also have entirely too many scarves at this point, but they're my absolute favorite thing to knit.