Friday, June 22, 2012

Plague Bunnies

finished object friday

Alright, here's what was supposed to happen.  I was supposed to be in Austin today, visiting a few friends of mine for the weekend. I was supposed to have this lovely, long bus ride to get lots of knitting done (including the sleeves of my Beatnik which are never ending. I've ripped them out four times so far). I was supposed to get in Austin and give these bunnies to the friend I'm staying with since she's rather bunny obsessed. I was supposed to have this lovely distraction from the fact that Monkey is going to be gone for two months and I won't be able to call/hug on him whenever I like.


The reality? I wound up getting sick the day Monkey left, withered away from the plague for a few days until I inevitably cancelled the trip to Austin. I managed to get my mother sick, and then promptly managed to starve and dehydrate myself to an even worse position and slept for 75% of every day this week. I didn't wind up giving these bunnies to my friend, I haven't actually knit anything in a long time, and I still have problems standing for a few minutes without the floor spinning.

Go figure. On the plus side, I'm no longer contagious, or really sick at all apart from being holy-cow dehydrated (hense the inability to stand. I'm nothing if not unbelievably STUPID) I've been spending lots of time with our birds (they're the only ones willing to listen to my pathetic croaking after a few minutes), and I've never been as well rested before in my life. Also, the CareNow people know every member of my family because at this point, we've all been in for the same stupid bug. AND I have these cute bunnies to play with. Cute  bunnies that took about thirty minutes to make, used up all of those random bits of yarn I had been saving for no good reason (clearly, I psychically knew I'd stumble across this pattern), and are really fun to through at your sister when she's refusing to obey your every whim when you clearly have the plague and are MOMENTS from death.


As cute as they are, and this may be the  residual bug talking, but I'm starting to think the bunnies are conspiring about something. Maybe they've been spending too much time with my sister...