Thursday, June 14, 2012

From Dead to Worse

book review thursday

book review thursdayThis was another disappointing book. Harris seemed to have lost all sense of a cohesive plot. Rather than have one overarching mystery or storyline, From Dead to Worse was divided into about four distinct stories that did not meld together well at all. Each new storyline was just sort of thrown in there suddenly. If anything, the focus was on Sookie's feelings and everyday back story.

I just didn't get into the book. While there were important aspects that were resolved (the vampire hierarchy, the werewolf anarchy, and Bob the cat), none of it was done in a cohesive way- it felt very rushed and thrown together.

Honestly, apart from Bob the cat, the other storylines really should have had their own books. They were important enough issues that needed more fleshing out.The way they were written was incredibly... brief, I suppose. I never really got the opportunity to ponder a mystery or "what's going to happen" because as soon as a problem was introduced, it was resolved. Quinn's disappearing act was the only somewhat constant theme, and that was addressed two third of the way into the book (and very poorly at that).

I did, however, enjoy the build up with Sam. I think Harris is finally setting him up as a romantic possibility, without throwing in the whole kitten caboodle. I loved reading about his backstory, as it is incredibly different from the show, and I'm glad he doesn't seem to be pining for Sookie, again, unlike the show. He's more of a really good friend, good boss, and great person than the "nice guy" he seems to be on TV.

All in all, this was a let down. I'm glad I wasn't one of the people who anticipated this book for ages before reading it. I would have been miiighty ticked to be super excited for this hack job. While each of the stories were important to progress Sookie's overall storyline, they were just simply not executed as well as I would have hoped.

I am, however, excited to find out more about Sookie's fairy grandfather and I absolutely adored the surprise twist at the end- just not enough to make up for this disjointed book!

(2/5 stars)