Thursday, June 21, 2012

Dead Reckoning

book review thursday

book review thursday I'm not sure that I can even write a proper review of Dead Reckoning. The fact of the matter is, I finished it entirely too quickly to have much of it soak in!

I chose to start this while I was frantically trying to pack and clean my apartment for my move out, and it certainly made the hours spent vacuuming (I'm not kidding, hours) fly by. Of course, that meant I barely paid attention to the plot, but if it wasn't captivating enough to hold my attention, it wasn't really great to begin with.

What I do remember about this book: I'm glad they finally laid the whole Debbie Pelt thing to rest, it was really getting old. Sookie has other things to feel guilty about. I'm extremely glad that she was still shook up by the massacre, but disappointed that Harris chose to make Eric an ass about it. While yes, it does seem in his character to be joyous over his victory, it doesn't seem in his character to angrilly feed on Sookie despite her pain. It certainly didn't seem in Sookie's character to lie down and take it! On the other hand, trouble in paradise means more relationship drama in the next book, and it was obvious that Sam is coming  up as a major contender. I'm really glad, as I really enjoy his character in the books (the TV show too, but not as a possibility for a relationship with Sookie). He's definitely shown himself to be by far the most caring man in her life, even if he does have a tendency to be a judgmental jerk.

In any case, the plot was underwhelming, the story was too. I liked seeing more of Dermott, and I hope he stays with Sookie for a while. I'm also glad they resolved the whole Grandma's-hooking-up-with-a-fairy thing, and that Cataliades were there (gosh, I love his character. Probably because I picture him as my tax professor), and I'm really excited to see what's going on with him. This just wasn't a fabulous book to me, not bad, but not great either. I'm glad that Harris is going to be putting the series to a rest soon, as I think it's run it's course, as much as I love the characters and ideas. Unfortunately, I'll be waiting forever and a day to read the next installment, since it's got a ridiculous hold at my library, and no digital or audiobook file available to download. At least it'll give me an opportunity to read something else!

(3/5 stars)