Friday, June 15, 2012


finished object friday

I think this may be my favorite FO this year as of yet, though it was probably the most irritating to knit.


As I mentioned before, I had originally intended this Dalek for Monkey's birthday. I had early cast on (while listening to a podcast on the lives of the Bronte sisters, which made for quite an interesting juxtoposition, if you were curious). I quickly realized that this was not my preferred type of knitting; it was the kind that you had to have the pattern in front of you. Consequentially it got set aide until I had more time to work on it.

Well, I finished it! My goal was to get it done before Monkey left for camp and I managed to do it! Of course, that was after I rescued it from my sister, who was convinced that it's true purpose was to be worn as a hat. After I rescued, stuffed, and knit the bottom, the Dalek soon proved to be more trouble than I had thought it would be.


The dog was, thankfully, rescued before she was exterminated.