Sunday, July 22, 2012

Overextending Myself

start something sunday

As I promised two weeks ago,, I'm spilling the beans about my secret knitting plans- and yes that's plural for a reason!

I'm one of those people who doesn't know moderation. I can't just eat a tiny piece of dessert; I need a big bowl. I don't sign up for a minimum course load at school; I sign up for the maximum. I can't just borrow one book from the library; I have to grab four or five. So when it came time for me to decide what to challenge myself with for the Games, I couldn't just skate by with something manageable now could I?

First up, a sweater.


This was my teaser from before. I wound up picking up a few skeins of the deliciously soft Louisa Harding Aimee a while ago when one of my LYSes was having a cashmere sale. While the amount of cashmere in this yarn is on the low side, I predict that the finished object- a Brompton will be deliciously drapey and comfy sweater.


After deciding on the Brompton, I convinced myself that it just wasn't enough. I wanted to make a lacey shawl while I was at it! After all, I find myself frustrated when I try to knit shawls during the school year. So onto my list came the Laminaria. The yarn was so pretty and I fell so in love with beading while knitting my Haruni, that I decided to throw some beads on top of that. After all, more is better, right?


Finally, I found myself stalling on knitting the matching booties for my pumpkin hat. Once I realized this, I also found a solution. What was merely added to my utterly impossible goals. I decided that forcing myself to knit them during the Ravellenic Games would be perfect. What's that saying about giving a busy person another thing to do?

In any case, at least I have a variety of knitting projects for different situations. I suspect that Laminaria will become my audiobook and audio podcast only knitting, the booties will be good for a movie or two, and the Brompton will have to function for everything else, including sitting in on my sister's various activities. At least I'll be prepared for any potential down time! I'll be knitting these under the Team Sasquatch group, as podcasts have long been my knitting companions.

I'm incredibly excited for the Games. I doubt I'll be watching the actual Olympic sporting events. I've  never been one for for sports, and the way the name debacle was handled left me with an extremely bad taste in my mouth. Not because of the existence of a cease and desist letter- I actually wholly support that, as copyright/trademark restrictions is "srs bsnss", but because of the blatant disrespect and hostility the wording of the letter contained. Anyways enough of the negativity. The point is that I'm excited for the competition and the challenge. I'm nothing if not enthusiastic!