Thursday, July 19, 2012

The Cereal Murders

book review thursday

book review thursday
The Cereal Murders was the third in the Goldy Bear Culinary Murder series, and so far, I think it may have been the least impressive. It wasn't bad by any stretch of the imagination, but I felt myself less than captivated by the mystery. I think this largely had to do with the fact that right about now, the very last thing I want to think about is stress over college. Despite these personal feelings, Davidson yet again managed to pull together an interesting story and complete with developed characters and surprising plot twists.

This book developed the character of Julian more than the last, and I actually started to almost like him. It was a bit of a stretch that he went from hating Goldy in the last book to caring for her so much that he was losing sleep over from worry, and the fact that Goldy was taking care of him with no coordination with his parents. I know that if I were to suddenly move in with strangers during my senior year of high school, whether I was 18 or not, they would have been having routine chats with my guardian. Goldy was just too clueless about what was going on with Julian and his grades to really make that believable.

Minor quibble, of course. I did like the various twists and turns throughout the story, and I loved imagining the Tattered Cover. I adored Tom in this book, but I really do with Goldy had more with it friends. While Marla is fabulous, the closest person to a friend that was featured in this book was Audrey, who was an absolute trainwreck and annoying to listen to. I wish Davidson had included a friend other than Tom for Goldy to bounce ideas off of. Instead, we hear here constantly talking to Tom about various ideas and pumping Marla for gossip; it becomes rather monotonous.

Despite these small criticism, I did really enjoy this book, as it was a great mindless listen. Love, love, love this series... It might prove to be hazardous to my heath though- I've been craving biscotti ever since I finished this novel!

(3/5 stars)