Tuesday, July 17, 2012

The Crap Collector

a few of my favorite things

Yesterday, a friend of mine found out that she managed to score the job she wanted! In celebration, we went out for a small lunch, then I followed her while she bought a ridiculous amount of work clothes. I was so good,  I didn't  buy anything, even though I was sorely tempted.

Well, almost.

The last place on her list- a shoe store- happened to be located near a Half Priced Books and a Charming Charlies. While I successfully  managed to avoid any books hopping into my arms (mostly due to the fact that I've been reading the same paper copy of a book all summer, and I have loads more waiting for me after that), I didn't fare so well at the accessory store.

I'm a fan of big purses, you see. The bigger, the better. Unless I can fit the kitchen sink in my bag, I'm not interested. Unfortunately, because I'm also not interested in leather/pleather, it usually culminates in a giant bag with no pockets. My most recent purse is no exception. I constantly struggle to find my phone, my iPod, my headphones, my lipstick, my scissors, my darning needle, etc. I'm a mess. I usually have at least two knitting projects in the bag, and while I've bought countless skeins of yarn, I've never bought or made project bags. So not only do I have a jumble of "little" things, I also have skeins of yarn getting jostled and tangled together.

In short, my purse is a disgrace.

To combat this, I decided to pick up a small, make up bag for those little nicknacks. I searched Target. No luck. I looked in Kohl's. Zilch. Charming Charlies would definitely have one, right?

Uh, no. But it did have a cute little "purse" on sale for $5 that seems sturdy enough to handle the abuse in my purse! It's meant to be a clutch with an option for straps on the inside, but I think it'll work wonderfully as a crap collector.


That's the scale, above. My current purse could fit a small three year old, not that I've tested that theory. I have, however, tested the theory that it will fit a few cats (three has been the maximum from my skewed data set).


The crap collector is small enough to  not be cumbersome in my bag, but large enough to fit the above. There's little room after all of that is squished in, so I'm not worried about anything getting damaged. It's all quite snug. (That would be my phone, iPod, headphones, coin purse, and one tube of lipstick.)


The best part of this buy? The little gem in the clasp. I didn't even notice it until I had gotten home, and it almost made me love it more than the price already had.


Ms.Curdy said... Reply to comment

I want one :)

lizzlizzlizz said... Reply to comment


I'm a sucker for a good sale, so this was definitely worth it!