Friday, July 13, 2012

Pumpkin Head

finished object friday

Monkey go this phone back today and called me three times! He's good, mini Creature is good, and I knit a baby hat.

Wait, what?


When I made the gloves and cowl set for my mom's birthday this year, I had a little over a skein leftover. After staring at it a while, it finally dawned on me that it would make an adorable pumpkin hat for some lucky baby. After all, I was a Halloween baby, so pumpkins are a must in my mind. My first ever Halloween picture involves me in a pumpkin onesie... Except it was taken a few days after I was born. Better late than never, right?

Anyways, the yarn was definitely, absolutely, positively going to become a pumpkin hat. Queue me promptly forgetting about my intentions and becoming distracted with other projects for six to seven months.

A short time ago, I was in an absolute fit because I had run out of portable projects. I was stash diving in an attempt to come up with some thing to knit when I came across that little orange skein and remembered my previous intentions. Before I knew it, I had cast on and finished the whole hat!


It's adorable. It's super soft. It's utterly perfect for... oh. Darn. There's the catch. There's no babies in my life (yet!) and I don't feel comfortable donating a hand wash only hat to a hospital. Whoops. So into the closet it goes until someone I know has a baby in a fall month.

The pattern was deliciously simple. I merely changed it to a K7 P1 rib, then fudged the placement of the decreases to make points fall over the purls. I added a simple leaf as a finishing touch and was done before I knew it! I still have half a skein left, and I know exactly what I'm going to do with it... But that's a secret, for now.