Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Pod Person Behavior

a few of my favorite things

Today has been an... odd sort of day. I entirely blame it on the fact that I got about three hours sleep last night. So far, I not only went and royally enjoyed myself at my sister's volleyball practice (though, I was enjoying myself listening to an audiobook and knitting hexipuffs), but I did so while drinking something unusual.


I'm really not a coffee person, and as I've mentioned before, I'm really, really not a chocolate person. The fact that I was guzzling down a bottle of this stuff like it was water Dr. Pepper showed just how darn delicious it was. I did show some restraint, and cut it with half a bottle of milk. I think I might have gone over the edge between the richness and sugar if I hadn't. Now I'm determined to replicate the flavor with plain old coffee from my keurig. Yum.

So yes. Seriously. Go out and buy this coffee right now. This instant. It's that good.

In terms of the knitting, I was happily duplicate stitching on hexipuffs and garnering attention from the prepubescent boys who were lifting weights behind me. Even though I had my headphones in, I could still hear their completely mystified conversations about what on earth I was doing. Next up is an optometrist appointment for Jenny, where I'm sure I'll get even more attention.