Thursday, July 5, 2012

Dying for Chocolate

book review thursday

book review thursday After finishing Diane Mott Davidson's first book, I couldn't wait to start Dying for Chocolate. I wound up downloading the OneClick program on my sister's computer because I didn't feel that I could wait until my laptop was up and running again.

I'm really glad I did. This book was excellent. While I wasn't quite as enamored with it as the last book, I think a good chunk of that was because of Goldie's isolation. I would have loved to see her interacting with other people besides teenagers more often.

Apart from that minor quibble, I really enjoyed this. Davidson managed to weave together a believable, yet surprising mystery. While the integration of clues was not as skillfully articulated as in the last book, it was still interesting. I wasn't too pleased to see that she kept with the "in the family" theme, but hopefully this motif will end with the next book. After all, Goldie is running out of family!

One thing I really appreciated was that Goldie's relationship with Tom Schultz seemed by far more realistic in this book. I actually saw the attraction, as well as Tom's integrity when it came to his job- two things I thought were lacking in the last book. I really saw him as her support- even though this mystery revolved around someone Goldie had gone on dates with. That went quite far with me in terms of creating the backbone of their relationship.

(4/5 stars)