Thursday, July 12, 2012

One for the Money

book review thursday

book review thursdayI really didn't have any interest in reading One for the Money until I saw the movie preview. While I'm not particularly fond of Katherine Heigl (due to a grudge for "ruining" Grey's Anatomy), the preview was enough to make me want to see the movie. Of course, being who I am, I couldn't just run out and see it at the theater, I had to read it first... which meant waiting for a library copy to become available.

By the time I actually got around to reading it, the movie was long out of theater, and I was less than impressed. For all of the praise and devotion from the fans, One for the Money was lackluster in my opinion. The main character was, well, stupid. There were many "funny" scenes that fell flat (there were scenes that were genuinely humorous, however). I didn't feel the "sexual tension" that I'm sure I was supposed to, and the climax was, well predictable.

There were good parts to this book, however. It was an interesting premise. I loved the setting, and I thought that the background was utterly believable. I loved that the family was huge in the story, both through family dinners with her parents, and also just the small touches of relatedness that you get in a closeknit group such as that (being employed by her cousin, having a distant in-law taking her shooting, etc.).

Overall, it was an okay book. Not something I'd write home about, but it did make me more interested in seeing the movie. I'll be interested in seeing if I'm more into the book after seeing it. I don't think I'll necessarily continue the series, but I certainly wouldn't write it off.

(3/5 stars)