Thursday, July 19, 2012

Shakespeare's Landlord

book review thursday

book review thursday
In keeping with my audiobook obsession (I seriously thought I would read more paper books this summer- HAH), I decided to explore more of Charlaine Harris' repertoire. That, and I ran out of available Sookie Stackhouse books and wanted something a little less mystical-magical.

Shakespeare's Landlord, a murder mystery series kind of fell flat for me. My main problem was that I wasn't able to relate to the main character, Lily Bard. While she was hurt and injured and that upped my empathy, I just had a hard time sussing out an actual character. I wound up not very invested in the book, or figuring out the murderer because of this. I'm not surprised in the least bit that Harris wrote this before the first Sookie Stackhouse book: her ability to write likeable, interesting characters with actual personalities has certainly improved. Another thing I had a hard time dealing with, and this is my own personal hang-up, was that Lily would just involve herself with a married man. While I know some people certainly engage in that type of behavior, I have a hard time respecting or liking someone who engages in the act of cheating- whether or not they the attached person. But again, that's my personal hang up. It's also a reason I just can't like Mad Men- it bothers me too much.

I do intend to try giving this series one more chance and reading the next book. The premise is interesting, and I love the idea of a kick-butt, murder solving housekeeper. The book certainly wasn't bad. It just wasn't great.

(3/5 stars)