Saturday, July 21, 2012

Cookie Dough Galore

cupcake saturday

Oh hey, you want to see something delicious? BAM!


I don't like chocolate- I really don't. But I could have eaten about a dozen of these.

I used an assortment of recipes, because, well, I could. And I wanted to make sure these came out utterly delicious because they were for a man who's been like a second dad to me. I used my favorite chocolate cake recipe, and then a new recipe for the cookie dough filling, and finally a recipe I've used before for the oh so amazing and evil cookie dough frosting.

The cookie portion didn't sink in while baking like I expected- instead it merely sat on top. I wound up with tons of little edible cookie dough balls (because there are no eggs!) leftover, and my sister has been making her own cookie dough ice cream sundaes with them. Yum...